Active Row empowers and enables

Put your business in the middle of our Life Skills programme.

For the young people we work with:

We inspire them to aim high and achieve more through our rowing programmes to produce motivated and determined young people from communities that would not have had this chance.

We need businesses to help these motivated young people to further their opportunities through the next step of their education or employment in their chosen path.

When you buy into Active Row we connect and inspire some amazing young people and we want to make sure we're able to guide them

How we connect you:

Our Life Skills programme is built from 5 core skills from Skills builder; Team work, Problem solving, Leadership, staying positive and aiming high. Our coaches are trained to deliver these during their rowing sessions to draw out the core life skills that rowing gives.

Your business is a key part
of this education, after each session the coach will speak directly to the focused skill and recommend a video to understand how that skill is translated into the world of work; relating their lived experience into employment or education opportunity.

A key part of your support for these young people is to use your expertise and knowledge of these core skills to show how their moment in a rowing session can lead to a successful and rewarding journey into work. At this point you're inspiring them to contact you to join your company.

How do we do this? Choose any or all of the following ways to directly support the young poeple

Active Row Life Skills Video
We run a matrix of videos that relate the core skills to specific industries that any person on our programme can see. Our ask is for your time to help produce one or more 10 minutes videos based on the core skills. These are the resources to show a young person what their next step can be and for you to advertise your company as that next step.

Active Row Life Skills Day If you want to meet a select group of the poeple we work with, you can join LYR & 50 Young People for a days work shop to inspire and show the benefits of your business and company, again based on Skills builder. The delivery will be alongside 2 other companies at a location from your area (London or Leeds)

Active Row Life Skills Host You can also have the choice host 50 Young People at your offices over a day to present and run work shops based on your version of the life skills and promote your organisation, you are also able to invite 3 other organisations of your choice to support the day, this could be clients, or contractors.

LYR employee / Coach development  Skills Swap – Professional volunteering between company employee & LYR Coaching team – based on Skills Builder.

Get to know what we do through our Corporate wellbeing

'Oarsome' Taster and Team building sessions Rowing, Kayak Canoe or SUP, for 8 people, at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This session is 1 hour long and more can be booked for an additional fee or per Life Skills video accepted.  The Team building sessions is built on your requirements.

Rowing Training Programme In office, 8 week rowing machine training programme. Designed to get a team focused and active.  We provide a training programme for 8 people.  We’ll also provide coaching via zoom for 2 sessions (before during lunch or after work.  This requires you to have 1 rowing machines in the office.  [each person does two work days a week (30 min session before/after/lunch), plus extra session at the weekend (bike or gym ergo) = 8 people over 4 day,  

Entry into Race the Thames Jan 2022 Our flagship virtual fundraising event that sees colleagues get together from anywhere in the UK to run, cycle or row the virtual Thames 346km. The event saw 180 crews get together and bust lockdown.

And for a bit of fun join us at Henley Royal Regatta We are pleased to host you at rowing's most elite event. We can supply you with two tickets, more can be purchases at face value.  

To work fully with LYR and get the most from the great opportunities we offer please email Andrew Triggs Hodge OBE to discuss the options
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