Meet Your Centurion:

Sophie from Newcastle

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Sophie is a primary school teacher, who lives and works in Northumberland.  

In search of a new challenge, Sophie took up rowing in 2012, after being inspired by the London Olympics. Prior to this she was a competitive runner, but believes picking up rowing is one of the best things she could have done; “The friendships made; the fitness and body positivity of strong (rather than thin) is brilliant. I am always recommending rowing as a great way to get fit”.

What’s the project you are raising funds for?

Working with children, Sophie sees first hand the joy that comes from participating in sport and the elation of achievement when you have worked hard for something. This is something Sophie would like to share with as many young people as possible. The Beacon project will allow those who may not have had the opportunity to try rowing to just maybe find ‘their’ sport and a place they can enjoy the mental and physical benefits of exercise.

Who's your club and why are you doing this?

Tyne United Rowing Club (TURC) is a small rowing club, based on a beautiful stretch of the river Tyne.

"On the edge of the city, the rowers head in one direction to row to the countryside and an in the other towards town and the industrial heritage of our area." says Sophie, describing the river Tyne. "It is a unique way to see the city centre"

Sophie is no stranger to the Tyne, nor to an endurance challenge, as she loves to test herself over marathon distances. She's competed in the Boston rowing marathon three times in a single, winning twice, as well as the Ely marathon. No slouch over more regular distances, Sophie has previously won National masters gold at both novice and intermediate level and bronze in the Championship event. The Centurion challenge came at the perfect time for Sophie, who's now desperate for a fresh goal after a somewhat inactive, pandemic inflicted last 15 months.