Meet Your Centurion:

Sam from Coventry

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Out of the city of Coventry comes our next Centurion, Sam Winton!

While Sam has lived all across the midlands at various points in his young life, he was born in Coventry and still very much considers it his hometown. While away at Uni Sam discovered a passion for the sport of rowing, and wanted to share this with as many people as possible.

Remarkably Sam will be rowing his 100km for the Centurion Challenge in aid of the foundation he helped set up - Here For Sport. The funds raised will enable Here for Sport to run a programme with Whitley Academy in Coventry, a school that caters for a large population of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Growing up, Sam felt excluded from sport. This was partly due to a lack of talent, partly due to a lack of opportunity, but also a feeling of being different.

He now attributes this to being a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Many historically marginalised have similar experiences of exclusion, with sports being a space dominated by a privileged few.

Sam was lucky enough to have people supporting and encouraging him in later life, enabling him to pursue rowing and discover his love of sport. He now wants to make sure other people get the same opportunities as him, and this process becomes easier and easier.

Funds raised via the centurion challenge will support Here For Sport on its mission to make sports more accessible and representative.

The funds will help develop an outreach program with local schools to help introduce the sport of rowing to a whole new generational cohort, allowing them to try the sport for the first time and potentially discover their passion.

Our long time ambition is to create new opportunities within the city, allowing more people to do a wider range of sports, whilst challenging preconceptions. We hope to flip the narrative around ‘elitist sports’ and break down barriers to participation so anyone is able to enjoy any sport if they have the inclination. We believe in sport and are here to make sure it is accessible for all”

Sam saw an opportunity for the city to enjoy water sports in general, but in particular rowing. Sam is passionate about breaking down barriers to participation and ensuring sport is more accessible to all.

Personally experiencing the transformative power of sport he wants to ensure everyone is free to find their passion and reap the benefit. Founding 'Here For Sport' in 2019, Sam aims to tackle inequality and inactivity through the organisation.